Henna Mehandi Body Art

Henna is a plant which has a natural temporary staining ability. It has been in use for a long time as a natural colorant for applying beautiful designs, especially on hands and feet.  It is native to countries like India, Egypt, Morocco, Persia,  and Syria.

The powder of crushed henna leaves is mixed with eucalyptus oil, lemon juice, and sugar, which turns it to a paste.  The paste is then filled into a homemade cone with wrapping paper, and then the paste is squeezed onto your skin to make beautiful designs - just as a cake is decorated.

Once design is dry, it needs to be dabbed with a cotton ball moistened with lemon juice and sugar, which helps the paste stay on the skin longer. 

Henna paste is suppose to be left on the skin for 4 to 6 hours.   Then it is scratched off by using fingernails or a credit card.  The stain design remains on the skin.   The color of henna design are orange at the beginning, then they turn into a reddish brown within 24 to 48 hours. 

It is all natural, painless, and good for your skin.  It stays on for 2 to 3 weeks.

Krishna Priya Dasi is an award winning artist and she specializes in henna parties.  Henna is perfect for weddings, birthday, graduation and other festive events.  She is well known for creative and beautiful henna art in North Carolina USA.  She offers her service in North Carolina.

Krishna Priya did my wedding henna and it was absolutely beautiful!  I had a fairly complex design picked out, so I met with her for a consultation meeting prior.  To my comfort, she was able to look at the design and quickly replicate the complicated portion onto my hands that day.  I also have bride and groom faces in the henna, which many henna artists struggled with.   Krishna Priya was able to create this at the consultation, and she asked to keep the design so she could practice and perfect it for the wedding.  She did just that.  I received endless compliments, not only on the artistry of the henna, but also the amazing color her henna.  Krishna Priya is a pleasure to work with.  She sweet, patient, and understands how important henna is to a bride.  She puts 100% of herself  into her work and you can tell that all she cares about is making the bride happy.  I would recommend Krishna Priya in a heartbeat  for any new bride.
Nilam Patel

Krishna Priya Dasi is an excellent henna artist and a great person.  I am extremely happy to get henna tattoos from her for my baby shower.  I also haighly appreciate for her auspicious gift for my baby's welfare.
Seema Kukreja
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Krishna Priya Dasi has done henna for both my son's and daughter's ​​​​​​​wedding.  She is very artistic in her field.  My daughter and all my guests were very happy with her work. I have never seen such a dark color of henna as her henna. She is from Rajasthan, India where henna plants grow.  Maybe she get very fresh henna powder from there and it has excellent stain.
Sushila Ben Patel
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Krishna Priya Dasi is an incredibly talented, spiritual painter and henna artist.  She is an inspiration to me in her devotional service and dedication to the pure love of Lord Krishna​​.   Her connection to the Lord comes through in all her painting endeavors.
Deborah Bird
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