​Rajasthani art has a specific place in the traditional Indian art. It is said that this style started in the beginning of 15th century.

This is famous for its splendid ​​style, originality, unique style of eyes and outfits, delicate lines, ornaments, figures, trees, buildings, decorative borders, intricate detail, bright colors, and excellent creativity.

Rajasthani art is beautifully created on different surfaces like paper, silk, wood, ivory with different subjects.​​ Radha Krishna is the most favorite subject for the most of Rajasthani artists.  They are inspired by the beauty of the chief Deities, Sri Sri Radha Govind Dev ji of Jaipur city. Besides Radha Krishna, flower, elephant, bird and mughal are another subjects for the artists to paint.

​There are many styles of Rajasthani paintings, but the most famous are Kishangarh, Nathdwara, Bundi, Mewar, Jaipur etc. 

Krishna Priya Dasi is trained in Rajasthani art by famous artist of Jaipur Shri Dwarka Prasad sharma and Bannu ji.​​​​ She is recently working on illustrations of her cook books. She uses colored pencils and water colors to create her art work at present.
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